This lace weight linen yarn comes from the oldest flax mill in Lithuania! It's wet-spun using special techniques, from the highest quality raw ingredients.

The lace weight of the yarn means it is really versatile – it will create a gorgeous summery shawl, a beautiful crocheted blanket or a lightweight shawl. Hold two or three strands together for a heavier weight that will create a more dense fabric for warmer garments or for simply adding different colours.

This yarn is fantastically hard wearing, and, once blocked, it holds lace patterns beautifully with elegant drape.

If you are not used to knitting with linen, it may appear stiff and string-like at first, however it will soften beautifully in your hands as you knit and will continue to soften for the many years that you wear it.

Totally different from wool: since it's inelastic and doesn't puff out, it produces garments with incredible drape which get better and better with time and washing.  In fact, washing and drying your handmade pieces will transform them and take away the initial stiffness. Rest assured that it will get softer and softer with handling.

We absolutely adore this linen for its coolness, anti-static-ness, absorbency, naturally antibacterial and insect repelling properties, and because it's soooo elegant! 

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