This is 100% Latvian sheep wool yarn, also known as Dundaga yarn. It's washed by old methods with salt and in pond water, which allows to keep the maximum of lanolin (up to 70%!!!), that guarantees that your knitted socks or jumpers will be very, very warm. The yarns are beautifully dyed with the long sections of each color. The transition is long and subtle. Long and gradual colour shifts are beautiful to look at during the knitting process and your garment will draw additional attention. As the yarn at Pāces vilnas fabrika is coloured in small amounts, your knitted jacket or shawl will be unique.
And the last important thing to mention is that the yarns are not soft, not delicate as let‘s say merino wool yarns. Latvian wool reminds the rough home made traditional countryside wool yarns. The goods news is that after each washing your garment becomes softer and softer. The wool opens beautifully. It is almost magical!
Real Ugly Ducklin! 
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